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Convention Follow Up! Lexus Winner Doris Smith

Congratulations to These YTB Leaders!

Association Training

Upcoming 2006 CRTA Events

Listen Up! Great News! ~Directors' Calls~

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The 2007 CLIA application is now available for download from the Travel Portal. Click on Agent Information, then CLIA Info. It is also available from the download section of your Back Office. Credential requirements have changed: ALL applicants, both new and renewals, must complete a continuing education course before applying for the 2007 CLIA card. First time CLIA applicants must have completed an RTA Certification course AND a CLIA continuing education course before they are eligible to apply.



YTB is very frequently notified by vendors that YTB’s company profile has somehow been changed in the vendor’s company information. It is not the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that our profile is correct, although vendors do monitor such changes and report those to us. YOU MUST NOT CHANGE any profile or business address with a vendor to your personal address. This includes telephone numbers, fax numbers, etc. Any violation of this policy will result in the forfeiture of commission and may result in the termination of your RTA status.

In the event you need a Log-In for a particular vendor to be able to book on their website, please e-mail and type in ‘Need Password’ in the subject line. If YTB is already registered with a vendor, we will forward a log-in and password to you. If it is a new vendor, the home office will register the company (YTB) and send you a log-in as soon as the vendor has supplied it to the home office.


Birthday Bash Contest Standings (Click here)
Current contest standings for Coach’s Birthday Bash Contest are posted on the Rep Resource Center page (in addition to the weekly BizReport).

Los resultados de la competencia para asistir a la celebración del Cumpleaños del Coach están localizados en la página de recursos del representante.


San Francisco / Bay Area YTB Meeting
"Travel Business Seminar"



Make plans to join Andy Cauthen, YTB President and COO; David Colister, Vice President of Marketing; and YTB Directors Preston and Jane Blair, Arlyne Thompson, and Andy Lakey. All RTAs and their guests are welcome to attend to learn about the benefits (fantastic compensation plan, home-based business benefits, and so much more) offered by YourTravel! 
Bring a group for a great evening!

Friday, November 3, 2006 at 7:00 PM
Marriott San Francisco Airport
1800 Old Bayshore Highway
Burlingame, CA 94010


VIQ (Very Important Questions and Answers)

Does the YTB travel department book individual travel?  RTAs own their online travel agencies where travel is booked (either by them or their customers) and travel commissions are earned. The YTB Travel Support Department does not book individual travel but provides guidance for RTAS with their booking engine and individual travel questions.

How to I find outside vendors’ phone numbers (other than those on my Booking Engine)?  To find outside vendors’ phone numbers (other than vendors available through your booking engine) you may visit  The Official Travel Industry Directory lists vendors worldwide. If you contact one of these vendors directly, please be sure you identify yourself as an agent of YTB Travel Network and give them your IATA number (14564793). Verify their commission policy. If you book with one of these vendors, and they pay commissions, don’t forget to complete and submit a Commission Claim Form through your Travel Portal.

Why doesn’t the booking engine show a lock symbol when processing payment?  Your YTB booking engine actually "frames" the vendor website that is collecting the payment information so you are not able to see the vendor’s lock symbol. However, if you right click on the payment screen and select properties from the menu, it should show the address beginning with “https.” The ‘s’ after the http means that it is a secure site.

What is the CRTA training and the benefits of being a Certified RTA?  CRTA stands for "Certified Referring Travel Agent." You are designated as a “Certified RTA” when you have paid for and attended a CRTA training class. Classes are conducted several times each month in major markets throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, including Tampa, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Kansas City, Atlanta, Norfolk, San Juan and many others. You can find a complete list of the CRTA trainings being offered in the Back Office of your website. Click on “Company Events” for class locations, schedules and to easily register online for the training you prefer. The cost for the training class is $149.00 (your secondary may attend at no charge) and classes are usually held on Saturdays from 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

You will receive training relevant to all aspects of your YTB businesses, including marketing, genealogy, commission structure, the RTA Credential Card, the Automated Travel Marketing System (ATM), basic travel training, and more. Certified RTAs receive a 10% travel commission override on travel commissions earned by RTAs in their PowerTeam.

You become eligible to apply for your CLIA card after you have completed a CRTA training class and completed a CLIA Continuing Education course. (For more information on the benefits of the Cruise Lines International Association credential, check the CLIA section of your Travel Portal.)

I want to attend local trainings in my area. How do I find out about them?  Contact your sponsor for information on local meetings and training opportunities conducted in your area. Local meetings are not posted on the website at this time. Only company sponsored events and Directors’ meetings are posted on the website (Rep Resource Center page) or published in the weekly e-mail BizReports.  As your team grows, you may have a large enough group to begin holding your own local meetings. Visit with your sponsor for assistance in arranging these events


Convention Follow up!  Lexus Winner Doris Smith

Doris Smith, RTA from Richmond, VA was the lucky recipient of the 2007 Lexus drawing held at this year’s National Convention in St. Louis, MO. Online registrations were entered into the drawing and Coach Tomer called Doris to the stage as the big winner! Doris chose the beautiful blue car shown in the pictures and she and Valerie shared the drive back home. Doris told us, "I am so thankful to this marvelous company for the opportunity to further build my business and this car certainly brings me more attention. I brought so much knowledge back from the convention and as I work to build my business, I know the success I seek is just around the bend. I'll keep you posted."

Coach announces Doris as the Lexus winner!


Doris poses with her new blue Lexus!


Valerie Johnson is Doris' YTB business partner.


$1000 Leadership
Bonus Recipients
Oct. 5 - 12, 2006


How Do I Qualify for the $1,000 Leadership Bonus?

Once you qualify to start your PowerTeam, you have unlimited time to earn your $1,000 Leadership Bonuses.  The first is earned when the total active On-Line Travel Agencies sold by your PowerTeam reaches 6 or more at the end of any weekly pay cycle (12 Midnight Thursday Eastern Time Zone). LeaderShip Bonuses will be paid WEEKLY on Friday of the following week for any Pay Cycle where the Active PowerTeam Enrolled RTA total reaches 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30.  We hope to see YOUR name on the LeaderShip Bonus list very soon!
Soraya & Samuel Adorno
Neal Allen
Darnell & Michele Arbet
Rita G. Asuncion
Linda Avery
Zeferino Avonce
Ross Ballone
Belita Barrett
Paula Bayer
Shirlene Beasley
Michael & Essie Bennett
Gember Bernal
Preston Blair
Deborah Bradley
Donald Bradley
Janet & Leon Braxton
Fiorella & Carmen Brindani
Harold & Adrienne Brinkley
Sue Brotherwood Hargraves & Mark Hargraves
Elton & Louise Brown
Randy & Celetta Brown
Shaundra Buggs
Marsha Burnett
Serafin Cailles
Daniel Cameron Jr.
Robert L. Campbell
Ginny & Joe Caroselli
Daren Carstens
Billy John Carter Jr.
Jimmy Chadwick
George Clinton
Dean & Cindy Coffin Sr.
Mary Cofield
John Connell
Nicholas Corbo
Camaron Corr
Priya & Dan Crane
Denise Criddell
Judi Crowley
Luis Cruz
Ivette David Padilla
James Denzine
Teodoro Diaz
Georgia Dominey
Brenda & Lauren Dowlar
Lezlie Downing
James DuBro
Eletah Elash
Dr. George & Alice Faye Ellis
John Ellison
Loralei Emry
Rodney & Ann Epps
Corina C. Estigoy
Neslie & Phyllis Ethridge
Niki & Jimmy Ezzell
Clarence & Phyllis Faison
Carlos I. Felicier
B. Ferguson
Mark Ferguson
Jose M. Figueroa
Regina Finn
Joel Finnigan
Debra Freeman
Melanie Gamble
Arthur & Charmaine Gatlin
Kevin Giguere
Willy Gonzalez
Marc Grant
Glenn Green
Sandra Greene
Brandi Greenfield
Harvey Greenhalgh
Karen H. Greenup
Louis Greenup
Dawn Griffin
Suzy Guillory
Larry Hall
Kriss Hansen
Michael Harried
Ron Head
Olivia C. Henderson
David & Cindy Henning
Keith Hipp
Robert Hollywood
Toni Hudson
Sharonda Hughes
Marcus Inamine
Lifestyle Inc. Travel
Praxis International LLC
Tonya Iverson
Ladeania Jackson
Patrick James
Mary Liu & Jenny Campbell
Vilma P. or Antonio Johnson
Tarani Johnson MD
Nicole & Joe Kessler
Kevin King
Denise Kohli
Kenneth & Sherry Koon
Peter La Barrie
Loranzo Ladson
Carol Lamar
Jeffery Lewis
Sharon & Reginald Lewis
Thomas Malone
Greg & Betty Malone
Clarence Mann
Caron March
Antonio & Dixia Martinez
Omega Mathews
Sylvia & Keith McBrayer
Deborah A. McKenzie
Kimberly McLaughlin
Shirley Middleton
Richard Miller
Kendall Minter
Tyrone & Karen Mitchell
Robin Monk
Joanna Moore
Yahaira Morales
Nick Moulopoulos
Ron Mura
Margaret & Roland Naawu
Tom Nance
Dan Neitz

Jay & Doris Newsome
Daren K. Newton, Sr.
Charles Nicholson
Marleny Noriega
Beverly Norwood-Matheney
Robert Pack Jr.
Nick Pagano
John H. Palmer
Nick Pappas
Gail Pender
Terry Percy Sr.
Medesia Pratt
Marcia Prewitt
Edward Pryor
Willie Purcell
Purita Quimbo
Mickey Rawls
Keenith & Mendi Reed
Virginia Reese
Rick Reese
Jonathan Rheault
Larease Rivers
Deidrel Roane
Wave & Octavia Robinson
Jeff Rogers
David & Vernette Rosier
KP Ryan
Rodney Sampson
Gilberto Santiago
Trudy Scott
Allen & Christie Shackelford
Carla & Edward Shearn
Rod Smith
Diane Smith Carpenter
Juliet St John
Johnny Stacy
Reggie Stewart
Linda Straight
Chris & Glynna Suljak
Wealthtools Systems Inc.
Gregory & Toni Thomas
Charles & Francenia Thompson
Jesus Timaure
Bo Tomlyn
Robert Townsend
Dwayne or Winetta Turner
Eunice Turner
Lana Uy
Karen & Tony Villanueva
Tameka Warren
Marsha Webb
Cheryl White
Gary & Rolanda White
Julie & Dwight Wiggs
Clive William
Nataya Williams
Kevin & Dionne Williamson
Ronald Wilson
Metre Wishom
Russell-Irene Wolf
Kong Xing
Laura Zacharias
Ben & Yoly Zoleta



YTB Association Division Offers
Outstanding Training


  Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach
& Marina Hotel

Redondo Beach, CA
Saturday, November 18, 2006

Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach
& Marina Hotel

300 N. Harbor Drive
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Reservations: 800-227-6963

Your Instructors:
Association Division Directors Steve Chandler and Mike Wood

The YTB Association division participated in the Funshine Travel Trade Show in Orlando with a very popular Jeopardy booth. Association Directors Steve Chandler and Mike Wood emceed the informative and innovative game. Kris Meinhard and Stephanie Kulek from the home office assisted. An Association Certification training was held on Sunday at the Buena Vista Palace with over 300 RTAs taking advantage of the on site training.
  Association Director Steve Chandler emcees Association Jeopardy.


Become a Certified RTA
at the location nearest you!
Take your YTB businesses to
the next level as you learn from
the best in your business -
The YTB Directors!

YTB Directors will be planning and conducting CRTA trainings - these field leaders will share the knowledge and experience they have gained on their way to outstanding YTB success. Remember what Coach says:  "To be a success, find a successful person and follow their plan!" If you haven't taken an RTA Certification course, plan to do so soon! 
The education and motivation are priceless!


  Sign up from your Back Office and you’re on your way!


2006 CRTA Training Schedule
Click each event for more details.
Your instructors (YTB Directors) are listed for each event.

October 28
Baltimore, MD
Ron & Phyllis Bush
Keith Hipp
Ann Jones
October 28
Denver, CO
Frank & Tessa Graham
Jacques & Lynetta Johnson
Jess Medina
October 28
Ontario, CA
Juliet St. John
Arlyne Thompson
Preston Blair
October 28
Charlotte, NC
Dave & Marlis Funk
Mickey Rawls
October 28
Atlanta, GA
Jerome Hughes
Katrina Greenhill
Floyd Williams
Spencer Iverson
Donald Bradley
Melissa Boston
Larease Rivers
October 28
Chicago, IL
Bill Hoffmann
Serafin Cailles
October 28
Marietta, GA
Tim Dominey
Terry Graham
Denson Taylor
November 4
Raleigh, NC
Peter "PJ" Jensen
Kirk & Cathy Phinney
Horace & Barbara Braveboy-Locklear
November 4
Ann Arbor, MI
Bill Hoffmann
Von Nickleberry
November 4
Memphis, TN
Jerome Hughes
Katrina Greenhill
Denson Taylor
November 4
Orlando, FL

Bill & Irma Frye
Samuel Gomez
Ellisa Pineiro, Delvy Santiago

Victor Toyens, Nancy Pichardo
November 4
Birmingham, AL
Bill & Ro Charlton
Kevin Adams
Roland Athouris
November 5
Dallas, TX
James & Marcia Prewitt
Dave & Mickey Rawls
Friday Evening
November 10
Bradenton, FL
Gary & Diane Adams
Kevin Adams
November 11
Orlando, FL
Bill & Ro Charlton
Kevin Giguere
Bass Grant
November 11
Tulsa, OK
Dave & Marlis Funk
Nick Nicholson
November 11
King of Prussia, PA
Ron & Phyllis Bush
Ted Harris
November 11
Columbus, OH
Antjuan Jack
Bill Hoffmann
Andy Helmuth
November 11
Houston, TX
Glenn & Starla Green
Chuck Hoover
Dave & Mickey Rawls
November 11
San Antonio, TX
Jacques & Lynetta Johnson
James & Marcia Prewitt
November 18
San Diego, CA
Juliet St. John
November 18
Albuquerque, NM
Kent & Kim McLaughlin
Jess Medina
November 18
Jamaica, NY
Joe Reid
Kirk & Cathy Phinney
November 25
Dania, FL
Rick Ricketts
Charles Thompson
Roland & Michelle Athouris
James & Marcia Prewitt




Listen Up!  Great News!
641-793-7505 pin 601340#

The Director’s Calls feature YTB Directors showcasing both YTB business opportunities: Independent Marketing Representative and Referring Travel Agent. Calls consist of a brief business overview along with testimonies and last approximately 15 minutes.  Join one or all each week!

Here’s the weekly schedule! Make plans now to invite your guests to learn about the benefits of YTB !

Sunday, Steve Branch, TV Wilson and Keith Hipp
9:30 ET, 8:30 CT, 7:30 MT, 6:30PT

Monday, Peter Jensen, Camaron Corr, and Bill Hoffmann
10:30 ET, 9:30 CT, 8:30 MT, 7:30 PT *** (starts one hour later)

Tuesday, Spanish - Delvy Santiago, Victor Toyens, and Samuel Gomez
9:30 ET, 8:30 CT, 7:30 MT, 6:30PT

Wednesday, James Prewitt, Denson Taylor, and Rick Ricketts
9:30 ET, 8:30 CT, 7:30 MT, 6:30PT

Thursday, Melissa Boston, Larease Rivers
10:30 ET, 9:30 CT, 8:30 MT, 7:30 PT *** (starts one hour later)

This all star line up is sure to create excitement and growth company wide!
*** Please note time is 1 hour later.





Carnival Cruise Lines will host a ONE DAY SALE on Thursday, October 26th, 2006
with a private preview day on Wednesday, October 25th, 2006 for YTB preferred customers.
This promotion will offer BEST AVAILABLE UPGRADES on most sailings thru 12/15/07!

Terms and conditions:
Cruise rates are in U.S. dollars, per person and are based on category 4A. Fare code must be requested to receive promotion. Offer is only combinable with Super Saver rates. Government taxes and fees are additional for all guests. Full deposit required at the time of booking, Offer is non-transferable and has no cash value. Offer is capacity controlled and is not combinable with any other discount or promotional offer. Rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Upgrades available in categories 4A-8I. Excludes categories 1A/5A/7A/6E/9A/11/12/IS/OV/BL/ST. Best available stateroom upgrades available within like cabin categories (Interior to Interior, Oceanview to Oceanview and Balcony to Balcony). Oceanview upgrade NOT available on Carnival Spirit, Pride, Miracle or Legend. Valid on new individual bookings made on October 25 & 26, 2006 on select sailings through 12/15/07. Other sail dates in range slightly higher. Additional blackout dates may apply. Some restrictions (including stateroom/category availability) apply. Credit for previous purchases is not permitted and guests who previously booked, cancelled and then rebooked during this period are not eligible. Request fare code CP1S. Ships' Registry: Panama & The Bahamas.



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If you can't change it, change the way you think about it.


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