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Red Carpet Day!

Tuesday: December 9



YTB cordially invites you and your guests to visit and tour your
corporate office (Phase 2!) located in Wood River, IL,
have a great lunch, and hear the Founders of YTB tell you and
your guests about the many benefits YTB has to offer.
Bring as many guests as you like - all are welcome!

PLEASE NOTE: Red Carpet Days are a huge success, with hundreds of visitors each week. To help us provide the best experience
for you and your guests, we ask that you have a confirmed reservation.

This allows us to better schedule the tours and plan the
lunch and presentation at the Gateway Center.

Please see below for complete information and thanks for your cooperation!


Plan to take this informative one hour class that teaches the basics of the YTB Marketing Compensation Plan. You will learn about the First, Power, and Dream Teams, Leadership
and Dream Bonuses, and the fabulous YTB Director Program. It's a must attend for every RTA
and guest! The class is free and the information is priceless!

YTB Level 4 Director from Temecula, California, Andy Lakey will teach you about the primary business of YTB, travel. and how to use your booking engine. Andy will also share with you
how to bring your family and friends into your business to create a working network.

WHEN: Before the RCD Luncheon:
10:30 - 11:30 am
WHERE: Gateway Convention Center
(same location as RCD
luncheon and presentation)

After the RCD Luncheon
          and Presentation

WHERE: Gateway Convention Center
(same location as RCD
luncheon and presentation)


Services are provided for the hearing impaired at Red Carpet Days upon request; to arrange for this service please e-mail your request to redcarpet@ytb.com.

Click here for map and directions to the YTB Corporate Office
in Wood River and the Gateway Center
(site of the Luncheon and Red Carpet Day Meeting)

Click here for maps, directions,and information on nearby hotels.

Please note: Transportation is not provided to or from the
YTB Corporate Office, Gateway Center, Hotels, etc.

(Important note: Parking is not allowed on the Federico car lots next
door to the YTB home office. Reps, RTAs, and visitors are asked
to park in the YTB lot only. We thank you for your patience
during this construction phase.)


9:00 - 11:45 am
Home Office
Office Tours start every 15 minutes - Meet your YTB Home Team!
10:30 - 11:30 am
Gateway Center
YTBU Comp 101 Class - one hour
Noon - 3:00 pm
Gateway Center
Luncheon - Listen to YTB Founders,
Leaders, and Corporate Staff  and learn what YTB has to offer!
Immediately following
Red Carpet Day

Gateway Center
YTBU  Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Class - one hour
  3:30 - 4:30pm
Home Office
Office Tours start every 15 minutes - Meet your YTB Home Team!


There is no charge to attend Red Carpet Day or for the luncheon.

Please provide the following information when you request your reservation:

Date Requested:
December 9

RTA Name (Your Name)
Your E-mail address
Your Phone Number
Guests' Names
(bring as many guests as you like!)

Please reply to redcarpet@ytb.com
with the above information if you
would like to attend. Simply click
yellow link to email your request.


Please note: You MUST have a confirmed reservation to attend this event.

When your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation detailing
the day's agenda, and directions from the airport to the office. We hope to accommodate

all who would like to tour the new corporate offices and meet with the leaders of

the company. Register now to reserve your date.

We look forward to your Red Carpet Day visit!